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Split bills

Split Bills

Take the bill & split for later

Track Expenses

Track Expenses

Timely update of dues & owes

Settle dues

Settle Up

Settle dues using UPI

About App

Keep track of your rupaiya & settle using any form of payment

Ledger by rupaiya one helps split, keep track, & settle bills between friends, family, peers, and even merchants - all in one app!

Ledger is the first UPI payment portal for peers & Merchants. We provide interoperability with all payment wallets, multiple UPI id linking, no transaction limits & instant expense tracking on the app.


Ledger is packed with one-of-a-kind features

bill splitting

Bill Splitting

Split bills equally & unequally between your group of friends or family.

group expense tracking

Form Groups

Form groups for regular expenses. Good for household expenses & group of friends.

dues reminder

Send Reminders

Tired of asking for your money? Let us handle that for you.

settle dues with upi

Settle Dues Instantly

Settle dues and expenses instantly on Ledger using UPI, payment links or payment wallets.


Fluid Settlement between Payment Apps

Got GPay but your friend has Paytm? Never have to worry about cross-platform payment issues with Ledger!


Flat Design

Sleek, flat design UI for the best user experience possible.


Easy and Convenient

Track your money, split bills & settle up all in one app! Never have to worry about your money again.


Clean Designs & Easy to Use

mobile screen

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